Our new collection is dedicated to the powerful, yet soft and vulnerable women. The ones who are not afraid to speak their minds, who work hard every day to be a better version of themselves. The business women, the mothers, the daughters, the rebel souls, the women who enjoy every moment of their lives. The brave ones. The unfearful. We recognize you!

Andra Clițan was inspired by her travels around the world, creating timeless designs that can be incorporated in any outfit. Her new collection keeps her Romanian roots alive and also brings cultural influences from the Eastern world. She created accessories inspired by “ghotra”, the traditional headpiece worn by Emirati men. One of the key pieces of the collection is the Romanian “iia” blouse made from a holographic fabric that gives it a modern touch.

We used fabrics as silk, viscose, faux leather and accesories made from silver, crystals and wool. The collection is centered around asymmetric designs with a black and white approach. The designs are handmade in Transylvania – we worked with the most passionate and experienced craftsmen.We believe in a world that supports authentic values and we work hard every day to keep the traditions alive.