1. Hand-crocheted vest, made from organic cotton yarns in Maramures, Romania, by artisan Monica Varga.
  2. Rib trousers, knitted in Nepal using organic cotton and cashmere yarns.
  3. Hand-knitted shorts made from merino wool yarn by artisan Monica Varga
  4. Detachable overall made from stretchy viscose with silk and cotton lining for the top. The overall has a detachable zipper which gives the possibility to be worn as a top and trousers separate or together as a jumpsuit. The overall has adjustable silk straps and cut outs
  5. Crystal embellished viscose trousers with a loose shape and high waist. The closure is done with an invisible zipper at the front
  6. Silk belt hand-embroidered by local craftsmen from Transylvania. The belt has eyelets and lace for closure at the back
  7. High waisted trousers made from stretchy viscose produced in Italy with handmade embroideries on the side stitch made by local craftsmen from Maramures, Transylvania. The trousers have deep folds at the front and invisible zipper as closure. The outfit is worn with the tulle cover all leggings that comes separately
  8. Branded trim high waisted trousers, made from black viscose, with an invisible zipper in the front
  9. Black velvet trousers and wool. Part of the IDentity Collection 2016, and the result of a cultural project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture through a programme meant to support the expansion of cultural and creative industries in Romania