1. Hand-knitted midi skirt made from merino wool by artisan Marina Varga
  2. Hand-knitted skirt with cotton poplin details. The skirt is made from merino wool by artisan Monica Varga
  3. Cotton poplin collar with flares and laces at the back for closure
  4. Bias cut silk muslin skirt; the skirt is worn with the "one of a kind" dress made from off-white silk with a bow detail at the back
  5. Holographic dress with a bias cut and silk lining
  6. Gathered skirt made from viscose with handmade gathering details made by local craftsmen from Maramures, Transylvania. The skirt has an adjustable fit due to its closure with hand knotted lace
  7. The silk blouse made from two different kinds of silks with a loose biais cut and carefully curated finishes
  8. Detachable overall made from stretchy viscose with silk and cotton lining for the top. The overall has a detachable zipper which gives the possibility to be worn as a top and trousers separate or together as a jumpsuit. The overall has adjustable silk straps and cut outs
  9. Shine away silk muslin cardigan dress, made from silk muslin and wool. The collar is made from doubled wool and it is crystal embellished. The silk cardigan has a detachable cape on top made from silk muslin. The cape can be worn separately for an evening occasion
  10. Hand-braided merino wool shawl made by local craftsmen from Maramures, Transylvania