1. Two-tone jumper, knitted in Nepal using organic cotton and cashmere yarns.
  2. Hand-crocheted bracelets, made from organic cotton yarn by artisan Monica Varga.
  3. Hemp dress, embellished with handmade yarn and beading embroideries, made by artisan Dana Dobrai using ancestral techniques from Maramures. The pattern used for the entire collection is the Lily of the Valley motif, interpreted using various techniques.
  4. Hand-knitted midi skirt made from merino wool by artisan Marina Varga
  5. Knitted Romanian Blouse II
  6. Hand knitted top with cotton poplin sleeves embroidered by artisan Dana Dobrai. The top is worn with the hand knitted skirt
  7. Black poplin sleeves worn with the hand knitted black vest
  8. Hand-knitted skirt with cotton poplin details. The skirt is made from merino wool by artisan Monica Varga
  9. Hand-knitted top made from merino wool in Maramures by artisan Monica Varga. The top is worn with the hand-crocheted necklace designed by jewellery-maker Ioana Matei
  10. Cotton poplin collar with flares and laces at the back for closure