Wool - the connection to our ancestors

MaRaMi takes you on a journey back in time when simplicity was the most important aspect of life. Our ancestors used natural fabrics, like wool, to create beautiful pieces of clothing - functional, comfortable and easy to wear.

Time have passed. We moved to the city where everything happens so fast. We don’t cherish now, our mind is always in the future. Fast food, fast life, fast clothing. 

We must remember to enjoy the simple things. This is how MaRaMi was born.

A brand where we create hand made garments using ancestral crafts  and raw materials. Because we aim to reconnect with the simple life of our ancestors.

Raw wool is rarely used nowadays and we believe it’s very precious, not only for its beautiful texture, look and appearance, but also for its attributes. Simple people from the rural area preffered the wool as the best protection against cold. Moreover, the merino wool breathes and manages moisture better than any other fiber. It also holds the natural body temperature.

A Romanian story

Our wool story started in 2016, when we had the chance to meet a determined craftsman from Negresti Oas, who started producing mohair, as well as merino yarn. We felt a stronger connection to the raw material instead of the finished yarn. 

We immediately started using it for our IDentity project, supported by the Romanian Ministry of Culture (through CultIn grant), in 2016. IDentity speaks about who we are in relationship to the world, traditions, culture to which we belong, is a vivid expression of the world, a story of design, craftsmanship and tradition interpreted in a modern manner. It focuses on craftsmanship and slow fashion. The local crafts are at the forefront and form the basis of limited edition designs rendered through modern techniques and sustainable fabrics. IDentity contributes to preserving traditional techniques and influences from Romanian culture.

Since working on Identity project, the raw merino wool and mostly the braiding and knotting techniques became our signature. MaRaMi is continuously working to develop our methods. We want to share with the entire world our love for crafts, natural materials and our beloved craftsman that we support since 2004.

Having a contribution in supporting crafts and giving back to the society is our aim and we work with pleasure towards it. A sustainable world is where we want to live. A place to cherish our ancestors, pure presence with a strong connection to our roots.