Discover the craft behind MaRaMi!
The stories we tell, known from our grandparents and their predecessors.

The beauty and cultural wisdom of ancestral craftsmanship is no longer explored at its real potential. We truly believe in craftsmanship and we support it by creating inspiring and cultural outfits.

We create collections that tells the story of our roots, the legacy of the ancestors, the essence of our identity.

We have an important contribution in preserving traditional techniques and influences from any part of the globe, but natively would be elements such as felt production, hand weaved fabrics and different types of embroideries from Transylvania, Romania.

At MaRaMi, we engage to give our customers a piece of the world, a unique story of design, craft, tradition with a very modern twist. We are proud to have as customers powerful women who bask in their uniqueness.

Wear your personality, wear your vision.

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