The second FEEL THE EARTH collection continues the legacy of working closely with craftsmen from Maramures, Transylvania, whilst introducing modern and authentic cultural designs, including a new line of fine jewellery, both featuring Lily of the Valley, 'Lacramioare' in Romanian, as its main motif.

Keeping the Earth as a central piece of inspiration, the collection’s visual concept unfolds into a poetic manifestation of nostalgia, a mirror of the past placed in contemporary times, spreading hand-crafted floral symbols along the way.

The Creative Director of MA RA MI, Andra Clitan, continues her mission of transferring her cultural values into sophisticated fashion designs, memories, and passion for preserving ancestral techniques and traditions.

In this new collection, you will discover both Earthy and Solar tones, light natural fabrics, fluid cuts, multifunctional designs, and beautifully crafted accessories. What makes it unique are the handmade details, carefully embroidered, crocheted or knitted by talented artisans following ancestral patterns and techniques from the Maramures region.

The collection is accompanied by a line of fine jewellery created in collaboration with jeweller Ioana Matei. Following MA RA MI's inspiration from Maramures, the concept behind each piece represents hope and resilience, Lily of the Valley themselves a symbol of renewal and an emblem of purity. The materials used for the collection are 18K gold and silver combined with delicately polished gemstones, raw diamonds and textiles.

By creating limited edition collections and embracing the slow-fashion movement, MA RA MI has an important role in reviving artisan practices and empowering self-sufficient and independent communities. Preserving is not only the fundament of a nation but also the starting point for contemporary design and multicultural dialog.


Big THANK YOU to the team that worked on the collection: Dana Dobrai - embroideries, Monica Varga - knitwear, Dana Roman - tailoring/artisan, and Ioana Matei - jewellery jewellery. Part of the visual campaign are Flavia Hojda and Ligia Hojda, under the creative direction of photographer Adrian Bulboaca. The outfits are paired with shoes by designer Coca Zaboloteanu, created and made in Romania.

The concept of the communication campaign Feel the Earth was created by Andreea Tanasescu and it is developed in partnership with La Blouse Roumaine IA Association as a part of a cultural design experimental project.


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Creative Director - Andra Clitan

Knitwear - Monica Varga

Tailoring - Dana Roman

Embroideries - Dana Dobrai

Jewellery - Ioana Matei

Footwear - Coca Zaboloteanu

Concept Advisory - La Blouse Roumaine


Photographer - Adrian Bulboaca

Models - Flavia Hojda, Ligia Hojda

Makeup - Dora Tapos

Location - Vacaresti Natural Park, Bucharest, Romania