The cold season has arrived and we couldn't be more happy, having a variety of wool designs ready for you. Every single design we create tells a story, the story of local crafts are at the forefront and form the basis of limited edition designs rendered through modern techniques and sustainable fabrics. MaRaMi contributes to preserving traditional techniques and influences from Romanian culture.

We take these values and make them ours by reviving traditional craftsmanship, taking elements from national costumes and using modern techniques to tailor them into unique garments. Placing into the present traditional crafts creates a demonstration of culture and a story of the person behind it.

We dedicate our AW Collection to all the women that want to express their empowerment and embrace pure authenticity.

Feel the warmth and live the story told by the dynamic Braided Skirt, discover the simplicity of the mysterious Oversized Jacket or enjoy chill evenings while wearing the beautiful Wool Jacket.

Are you excited to see all the newest outfits from the AW Collection designed by Andra Cliţan? Click here and enjoy the journey:

Felt Oversized JacketChunky Braided Jumper
Lightweight Wool WaistcoatChunky Braided Skirt
Heavyweight Long WaistcoatChunky Braided Wool Jacket