MaRaMi takes you on a journey back in time when simplicity was the most important aspect of life. Our ancestors used natural fabrics, like wool, to create beautiful pieces of clothing - functional, comfortable and easy to wear.

A year ago, beginning of February 2015, Abu Dhabi: the most important festival celebrating Emirati culture is gathering early what is most representative for this country in terms of art, crafts, food, traditions, architecture and many others.

Absorbing and getting inspired from all the events scheduled during Qasr al Hosn Festival, simply to highlight to the world how important ones culture is, through all its aspects.

Once upon a time, when MA RA MI was just a dream, the Romanian traditional elements crafted by local artisans where used for a one of a kind "couture" collection -  signed by Philippe Guilet in 2011/2012 for 100%.RO project. Back then Andra Clitan, the founder of MA RA MI, was the Studio Director for this great project, and one of her most important duties was to give consultancy on Romanian traditional art and crafts.

100%.RO was a unique project that inspired many people, not just the team and the public, but also the craftsmen from different areas in Romania, showing them that their work is highly appreciated and can be the fundament of an exquisite haute couture collection.

I feel a bit nostalgic these days, therefore I will treat you with a special story from my previous life. The life before coming to live in Far and Middle East.

It was the spring of 2011, and together with other four European designers we visited Armenia, meeting the four selected Armenian designers to be our pairs in a EUNIC/unique project: “Fashion Road: Dialogue across Borders”.

And the adventure started. From the Paradjanov Museum to the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts (Matenadaran), from the Armenian Genocide Museum to the ancient churches such as Etchmiadzin Cathedral, everywhere you look you find something extraordinary – under a very ordinary appearance.

From tasting Ararat brandy to enjoying the delicious different fruits in chocolate, but nevertheless savoring the impressive healthy Armenian cuisine, all this trip was a delight for the senses.

What about our exploratory trip for fashion purposes? Here I let my pics to tell the story. Vivid in my memory like it happened yesterday...

It’s time to touch and feel the textures!
Starting this October, you can even try on the MA RA MI designs, if you visit the newly opened Molecule F concept store, in Promenada Mall, Bucharest.
My latest collection but also a few pieces from my previous ones are ready to be discovered by you.
And if you aren’t in Bucharest, don’t forget you can always buy something special from MA RA MI online shop.

Some pics from the opening last evening – great people, tasteful clothes, electric atmosphere. And no sleep before my flight back to Abu Dhabi!

The International Textile Fair Dubai 2015 is an excellent place to meet professionals in fashion - this year's edition was a great selection of people, trends and topics.

I had the chance to attend this event as a speaker, presenting my work as a true showcase of multicultural diversity: a glimpse of Transylvanian crafts in the Middle East.

It is more and more obvious for everybody that MA RA MI is rather an international brand than simply a Romanian oriented one.

As promised, another source of inspiration in the Shanghai History Museum: Chinese art and wood craft.
Always searching for simple objects and traditional techniques, wood craft is a special subject for me.
The picture I took say more than a thousand words about the ancient patient of the Chinese people in the name of beauty. For them, simplicity arise from sophisticated things.

Shanghai reloaded: after spending wonderful days like the perfect tourist, walking around and discovering narrow streets and small boutiques, I decided to taste a bit of serious culture.
Shanghai History Museum seemed to be the perfect place, fascinated first of all by the section dedicated to the traditional costumes and their history.

Scroll down to discover a few details of the amazing ancient Chinese costumes and stay close for other fields of the ancient Chinese art.

My special mission to discover amazing places in Shanghai is not impossible at all - I could dare saying is a bit to simple.
One of this very special places is the area of French Concession, a neighborhood filled with French charm, hidden art galleries, cozy and creative bistros, misterious bars... So very inspiring to me!

Lost in the middle of a crazy city of lights and colors, I found myself in the most European shop: a designers' shop, of course, and a bit more. The selection of designers was a true surprise for me, and the little exhibition there filled my heart with joy: I am more European than ever.
10 Corso Como is the kind of place where I feel like home, no matter in what corner of the world I will find it. Home for European flavor, home for cultural touch, home for design trends.

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