The second FEEL THE EARTH collection continues the legacy of working closely with craftsmen from Maramures, Transylvania, whilst introducing modern and authentic cultural designs, including a new line of fine jewellery, both featuring Lily of the Valley, 'Lacramioare' in Romanian, as its main motif.

O nouă conștiință umană, în armonie cu Pământul, perceput ca o ființă vie, este viziunea, dar și manifestul colecției MA-RA-MI pentru 2021.

Our new collection is dedicated to the powerful, yet soft and vulnerable women. The ones who are not afraid to speak their minds, who work hard every day to be a better version of themselves. The business women, the mothers, the daughters, the rebel souls, the women who enjoy every moment of their lives. The brave ones. The unfearful. We recognize you!

We embarked on a journey of authenticity where we can connect to our ancestors and rediscover the beauty of the simple things. Our craftsmen from Maramureș taught us all the secrets they learned from their parents and their grandparents. What comes from their hands is pure magic, a real work of art created with love, passion and patience.

A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation MA RA MI continues its mission to promote Romanian authentic design with a new project - “A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation”. Andra Clițan creates a collection based exclusively on wool, working closely with craftsmen from Maramureș.  The project, which started at the beginning of 2019, has two main objectives: to create a collection using natural fabrics as wool, adding traditional motifs and inspiration from different parts of Romania, and to document the entire process of processing wool, creating an art installation that follows this journey. The first step was to create the sketches of the future pieces of the collection, followed by the close collaboration with each craftsman in order to choose the fabrics. The next stage implied the actual manufacturing of the garments, documenting the entire journey of wool processing and the photo shooting. The final step is represented by the art installation, which will include both the fashion collection and the photo-video documentation elements made during the project. In the space dedicated to the art installation there will be a conference on smart textiles and new trends in sustainable fashion, with international guests. The art installation, that will include the pieces of the collection and the documentation of the entire process, will be exhibited from October 27 to November 10, 2019.

Discover the craft behind MaRaMi!The stories we tell, known from our grandparents and their predecessors.

The cold season has arrived and we couldn't be more happy, having a variety of wool designs ready for you. Every single design we create tells a story.

IDentity Collection arrives in London for an exclusive preview at the Romanian Cultural Institute.

"A Romanian designer with multiple interesting collections. Three young creatives from the accessories sector. An authentic capsule collection, filled with traditional motifs made by craftsman. These are the details of the IDentity collection, Andra Clitan's new project, the founder and designer of MA RA MI". This is how the interview played out.

We not only explore stories and places, but also fabrics, old and new  sustainable textiles. In this collection we used wool felt, silk, velvet, merinos spun wool and mohair, making one of a kind pieces made together with craftsman from Maramures county. This exploration was possible through a grant offered by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.