A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation MA RA MI continues its mission to promote Romanian authentic design with a new project - “A wool journey: from fashion design to art installation”. Andra Clițan creates a collection based exclusively on wool, working closely with craftsmen from Maramureș.  The project, which started at the beginning of 2019, has two main objectives: to create a collection using natural fabrics as wool, adding traditional motifs and inspiration from different parts of Romania, and to document the entire process of processing wool, creating an art installation that follows this journey. The first step was to create the sketches of the future pieces of the collection, followed by the close collaboration with each craftsman in order to choose the fabrics. The next stage implied the actual manufacturing of the garments, documenting the entire journey of wool processing and the photo shooting. The final step is represented by the art installation, which will include both the fashion collection and the photo-video documentation elements made during the project. In the space dedicated to the art installation there will be a conference on smart textiles and new trends in sustainable fashion, with international guests. The art installation, that will include the pieces of the collection and the documentation of the entire process, will be exhibited from October 27 to November 10, 2019.